Ponds under the Žigart Peak

In the area, there are two lakes under the Žigart Peak and pond next to the Cojzarica lodge. Ponds under the Žigart Peak are 40 and 50 meters long and are a quality secondary biotope.

Cojzarica lodge.

Hiking trails, walks, cycling.

Families, cyclists, hikers.

Car - 45 minutes,

on foot - 2 hours,

bike - 2.5 hours.

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City of Maribor

City of Maribor

In the immediate vicinity is the second largest city in Slovenia. Maribor offers many opportunities for tourists. It is economic, financial, administrative, educational, cultural, commercial and tourist center of the north-eastern part of Slovenia.

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Hiking - trails

Walking trail Ruše-Pečke

The Ruše-Pečke walking trail will take you along the shade of the Pohorje forests and offer you the best for your body and mind - recreation and relaxation. The path starts at the monument in Ruše, continues through Kalvarija and Dobnikov križ to the Dom na Pečkah. The journey takes an hour and a half.

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Cultural heritage

Old town - Ruše

Ruše, a small town, developed on the higher Drava's terrace below Pohorje, on the foundations of prehistoric and later Roman settlements. The town square is a core of the settlement with the central Mary's church from 1387 and the houses from the end of the 19th century.

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