Recreation on the Drava river

The Drava river offers many possibilities for recreation. One of the favorite entry points is at the Drava Center, where you can rent sports equipment: kayak, canoe, sailboat, sup-skating, slackline ... There you can also take a rest at Teta Frida confectioner and chocolate shop. Access to the Drava river is possible from the parking lot behind the Sports Park, where you can find a path towards the Drava river. Directly along the Drava river there are the pier and the pontoon. You can have a picnic along the Drava river - benches and barbecues are awaiting you.

Drava center, Teta Frida.

Water sports activities, take a breath along the Drava river and lye on the grass.

By car or bicycle (7 kilometers along the Drava cycling route).

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Hiking - trails

Walking trail Pod goroj

Sprehod po tej poti je primeren za družinske izlete. Pot poteka ob samem vznožju Pohorja in nudi pogled na Ruše ter gozdnato hribovje Kozjak. Na sami poti si lahko ogledate Letno gledališče Pod goroj.

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Ski area Areh - Mariborsko Pohorje

Ski resort Mariborsko Pohorje is the largest ski center in Slovenia and is located south of the city of Maribor, in the area of Maribor and Areško Pohorje. You can enjoy more than 40 kilometers of ski slopes suitable for skiing of all difficulty levels. The ski resort also has the longest highlighted ski slope in Europe. Its 10 kilometers is suitable for beginners as well as advanced skiers and snowboarders. The ski resort is known all over the world for hosting a women's ski competition for the World Cup, called the Golden Fox.

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