Daily experiences

Not sure what to experience on vacation? No problem. We have prepared daily ideas to make your vacation truly unforgettable.


Šumik Waterfall and Black Lake

It goes without saying that Pohorje is a pre‐Alpine hill, which lies in northeastern Slovenia and is mostly covered with coniferous forest. That's why I suggest that you explore Pohorjewith vast forest lands, the Virgin Forest Šumik, waterfalls and peat bogs with lakes, the largest butterfly in Europe and other valuable animal species. This day should be dedicated to exploring the waters on Pohorje and we chose to visit the Black Lake and the Šumik Waterfall.


Exploring Kozjak

Today you will go to Kozjak.Kozjak is a mid‐mountain forested hill that falls under the Lavanttal Alps. It is a relatively narrow, long and very fragmented mid‐mountain range. You will find it on the other side of the Drava River.If you have noticed that the northern side of Pohorje is quite steep, you will be even more surprised by Kozjak. The path will lead you to the Holy Spirit on the Ostri Vrh Hill. The climb takes about 1.5 hours.


The first major climb

Today you will go to Pohorje. I suggest you head halfway to Areh, this is the settlement of Martinca. Martinca is a popular spot of the residents of Ruše. It is a great route for the first major climb. The climb to Martinca will take you a solid hour.


Exploring Ruše

Ruše belongs to the macroregion of the pre‐Alpine hills. It is known from historical sources that Ruše as a settlement existed as early as the Celtic and Illyrian periods, i.e. around 400 BC. The notes of the Fala chronicler tell us that between 1620 and 1628 there was a college for religious, hilosophical and economic studies at the Fala Castle.


Disc golf on Areh

Pohorje In addition to hiking and cycling, offers many other activities. One of them, which has gotten a lot of attention lately, is disc golf. Disc golf is a game very similar to traditional golf, except that instead of hitting the ball in the hole, we throw a Frisbee (flying disc) into a specially designed metal basket.


Your way to Rogla

Today is the time to return home. The last day is great for exploring Lovrenc na Pohorju and Rogla. The path will lead you through Lovrenc na Pohorju (Lovrenc). Due to its location, Lovrenc has become something special over time. There you can see the "the pajštva" (fruit kiln). From Lovrenc, the path takes you along a well‐maintained dirt road (along Pohorje) to Rogla. On Rogla, I suggest a visit to the Lovrenška Lakes and a walk along the Path between the canopies.